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Our mission is to restore and manage native grasslands.

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Each year, we make dozens of forays into the wild to gather that most important ingredient, the seeds of native plants. But other interesting things always await. So select some dates and plan to come along. There's no better way to learn about Nature.

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If you have questions about prairies, savannas or native plants, you can drop us a line here. If you find yourself in need of some outdoor equipment, check out the equipment store. There you'll find NIPE t-shirts, hats, seed collection aprons, books, tools, and more. 

Desierto Florid

atacama desert blooms

The normally barren, almost Martian landscape of northern Chile's Atacama Desert recently erupted in flowers, painting the hillsides, blue, fuschia, orange and yellow. The almost magical transformation occurred thanks to heavy rains earlier in the year, which watered flower seeds that had lain dormant for years. Many more photos...