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Our mission is to restore and manage native grasslands.

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Starting in July, we will have dozens of forays into the wild to gather that most important ingredient, the seeds of native plants. So check the picking schedule, select some dates, and plan to come. There's no better way to learn about native plants.

Our next outing will be on Monday, August 31 at Wapello. Seed collecton will begin at 9 am.

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If you have questions about prairies, savannas or native plants, you can drop us a line here.

If you find yourself in need of some equipment, check out the equipment store. There you'll find NIPE t-shirts, hats, seed collection aprons, books, tools, and more. 

And so it begins...

The Department of the Interior today announced the release of a National Seed Strategy for rehabilitation and restoration to help foster resilient and healthy landscapes. The Strategy is meant to guide ecological restoration across major landscapes.

“Having the right seed in the right place at the right time makes a major difference in the health of our landscapes,” said U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell. “This is a collaborative effort to ensure that we’re taking a landscape level approach [to ecological restoration].”

The website is here     , the plan document is here, and the press release is here