Eligibility & Selection Criteria for Fellowship

The grade of Fellow (FNIPES) is the highest honor bestowed by the Institution, reserved for individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary achievements and made outstanding contributions to the fields of engineering and science. See Bylaws

Candidates for Fellowship must meet the following criteria

i. Hold a doctoral degree or master’s in engineering, science, or a closely related field from an accredited institution

ii. Have at least 10 years of professional experience in their field

iii. Demonstrate sustained national or international recognition for their work, through:

  1. Receiving prestigious awards or winning significant research grants
  2. Served as a Principal Investigator of a significant research grant
  3. Being invited as a keynote speaker at major international conferences
  4. Holding leadership positions in respected professional organizations. While the list is inexhaustive, Head of Department, Dean, Director, etc.
  5. Having a significant number of highly cited publications in peer-reviewed journals
  6. Being granted patents for innovative technologies or processes
  7. Serving on editorial boards of reputable scientific or engineering journals
  8. Have reviewed journal articles in high impact factor/citescore journals.
  9. Being appointed to national or international advisory committees in their area of expertise

iv. Show evidence of original scientific, engineering, or technological contributions of major significance in their field, through:

  1. Developing groundbreaking theories, methodologies, or technologies, softwares that has been use by companies or businesses
  2. Creating innovative solutions to complex problems with wide-ranging impact
  3. Pioneering new research areas or interdisciplinary approaches
  4. Designing and implementing large-scale projects with substantial societal or economic impact Authoring influential books or seminal papers that have shaped research directions
  5. Creating widely adopted industry standards or best practices
  6. Developing novel techniques or instruments that have revolutionized research or industrial processes
  7. Contribution to the field of science as an external examiner in major Universities in Nigeria and around the world.

v. Demonstrate a commitment to mentoring and developing the next generation of engineers and scientists, including:

  1. Supervising graduate students and postdoctoral researchers
  2. Serving as a mentor in formal mentorship programs
  3. Providing guidance and support to early-career professionals
  4. Actively participating in educational outreach programs
  5. Serving as an external examiner for master’s or doctoral theses
  6. Contributing to curriculum development in their field of expertise

vi. Demonstrate practical application and commercialization of their work, through:

  1. Successfully transferring research outcomes to industry
  2. Using inventions to generate profit for technological applications

1.3 Fellowship candidates must be nominated by at least two independent Fellows of the Institution. Self-nominations are not accepted.

The selection process shall include:

i. Rigorous peer review of the candidate’s contributions and achievements

ii. Evaluation by the Fellowship Committee, composed of distinguished Fellows

iii. Final approval by the Board of Directors

1.5 The number of new Fellows elected each year shall not exceed 5% of the total Fellowship body, ensuring the exclusivity of this honor.

Rights and Responsibilities

2.1 Fellows shall have full voting rights and are eligible to hold any office within the Institution.
2.2 Fellows are expected to:

i. Serve as ambassadors for the Institution and their profession

ii. Participate in mentoring programs for early-career professionals and students
iii. Contribute to the Institution’s strategic initiatives and policy-making processes
iv. Engage in peer review for the Institution’s publications and fellowship nominations

 Recognition and Benefits

  1. New Fellows will be formally inducted at the Annual Fellowship Ceremony, receiving a certificate and a distinctive Fellowship medal.
  2. Fellows will be listed in the Institution’s annual Directory of Fellows, highlighting their achievements and contributions to the field.
  3. Fellows will have priority consideration for representing the Institution at national and international conferences, government advisory panels, and other high-level forums.
  4. The Institution will maintain a Fellow Spotlight program, regularly featuring the work and achievements of its Fellows in its publications and media channels.
  5. Fellows have the exclusive right to use the post-nominal letters FNIPES.

If you need assistance or have further inquiries, please send an email to membership@nipes.org

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