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Test your knowledge with quizzes across various science and engineering fields.

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Explore our comprehensive range of quizzes and educational content designed to enhance your knowledge and skills.

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Get free certificates and  scholarship  designed to challenge and reward 
the brightest minds in engineering and science

How to Participate in Our Scholarship Tests & Quizzes

Follow these steps to register and take part in our scholarship tests.
↓Register Online 
Sign up on our platform and fill in your details to create an account.
↓Choose a Test 
Select the scholarship test that aligns with your field of study and interests.
↓Take the Test
Participate in the test online at the scheduled time and date.
↓Get Results
Receive your test results

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our scholarship tests.

⊗ How do I register for a test?

You can register by creating an account on our platform and choosing the test you wish to take.

⊗What are the eligibility criteria?
Eligibility criteria vary for each test. Please check the specific requirements for the test you are interested in.
⊗How are the tests conducted?
All tests are conducted online. You will need a stable internet connection and a device to take the test.
⊗ When will I receive my results?
Results are typically announced within two weeks after the test date.
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